Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 5: Returning TV Shows this Fall

I have shared with you the new shows of the Fall, but what returning shows are we all excited for? I can tell you that a lot of my veteran shows last season didn't impress and I didn't finish off all their seasons. But there were a few that I am excited to return...

Grey's Anatomy
How can you NOT be excited for this show to start? We have multiple people in the balance of life and death right now in a forest and McSteamy is going to die. I MUST KNOW HOW!

Big Bang Theory
Howard went to space at the end of last season right after he and Bernadette got married. Get ready for the aftermath!

When this show first started I thought there was no way that they could make this greatness last for more than one season. It looks like I could have been wrong (happens) and the real drama is just about to begin! OK, that may be an overstatement, but I do want to know if Victoria Grayson actually did die in that plane accident. BOOM!

Once Upon a Time
Fantasy shows like this rarely keep me hooked for long...but I managed to stay enthralled for the whole first season. The 'curse' was supposedly broken at the end of last season so I am pretty stoked for the return of talking animals...that's what that means right?

Hart of Dixie
This made the list, not because it is good, but because it is like the miracle show...I cannot BELIEVE it didn't get cancelled! Plus Zoe finally hooked up with Wade at the end of last season and then Golden Boy came in and tried to wreck shit. TEAM WADE, TEAM WADE.


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