Saturday, September 15, 2012

The 'film' that caused riots

If you follow the world news, you will know that there are currently riots going on in a number of places around the world...mostly near American Embassies over, in my opinion, something a little outrageous:

A 14 minute trailer for an anti-Islamic 'film' called Innocence of Muslims.

Not only is this completely laughable in the film sense, the acting is garbage and the production has the value of a low-low budget porn film. (Side Note: it was supposedly directed by a porn director).

Yes, this film is totally offensive (I am assuming this because everyone keeps saying it is offensive and I don't understand what the FACK is going on for most of it - except when they say Muhammad is gay, that I got), but it's not like it is coming to a theatre near you. It's a piece of garbage which is now getting more popular because of all the outrage.

Sometimes I don't get people. At all.


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  1. ive not seen the film, have no interest in people bein VILE for the sake of it. I understand that this film is offensive. But if we all started riots when we didnt like wat sumone said surely we would live in fear of goin out. Lets live together in peice before the whole world goes to pot and people dont need to die for the idiot that made the film in the first place. We get ONE LIFE, LIVE IT


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