Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Bachelor Canada reveals next group of Contestants

And they keep coming. The Bachelor Canada has introduced their next batch of contestants. I am trying to figure out if this group is worse or better than the last. Definitely no stand outs in this pack either.

There are two girls from Calgary, two students and a girl who probably works at Sirens (I'd bet money on it).

Fawn - 25 - Sales Associate - Ajax, ON
(1. Her name is Fawn 2. Sales associate is
the nice way of saying 'clothes folder at
Old Navy' 3. Her voice in her video

Gabrielle - 24 - Law Student - 
Oakville, ON
(I wouldn't hire this girl to be my lawyer
 ...even if she only charged $25 an hour)

Laura - 23 - Medical Student - 
Winnipeg, MB
(The most legit of this pack)

Michelle - 26 - Petroleum Land Administrator - Calgary, AB
(OIL KILLS! Just kidding, but we all know
this chick gets a fat pay cheque.)

Whitney - 24 - Administrative Assistant - Calgary, AB
(This girl acts like she could be a WWE 
wrestler in another life. Girls watch out.)

I still haven't seen anyone worth routing for yet.


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