Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shonda Rhimes is back on her A Game...season premieres with tears

Shonda Rhimes why do you do this to me!!!

Grey's Anatomy came back tonight...if you don't recall, at the end of last season we left off with Meredith, Christina, Derek, Mark and Arizona in a forest left for dead after a plane crash. Mark had massive internal injuries, Arizona was screwed and Derrick messed up his hand.

If you were hoping to see the rescue you were probably one sad viewer after tonight's premiere.  Everyone was back at the hospital. Christina had moved to a residency in Minnesota, Mark was on life support, Meredith had been nicknamed Medusa by the interns, Karev was getting ready to jet off to Baltimore, Derrick couldn't operate due to his hand injury and it LOOKED like Arizona was dead. It was life after the crash, and it wasn't pretty.

We wait the whole episode for them to unplug Mark...which is devastating. You knew if anyone was going to kick it after that crash it was going to be him because Lexi died. (WHICH I AM STILL NOT OVER SHONDA, YOU SADISTIC WOMAN) So I basically bawled the entire episode awaiting the death of the other half of the best TV couple of all time.

Then there was Torres, who you felt AWFUL for because Mark, her baby daddy and best friend, was about to die and there was no sign of Arizona, her lezzy wife. All signs pointed to Arizona dying, which would make sense because it looked like she was going to after the crash and they replaced her at the hospital...but then in the last moments of the episode you find out that she is actually alive (SURPRISE) and now only has one leg (which is weird and I need to re-watch the season finale because I don't remember what was wrong with her).

I am glad Torres is not totally on her own...but it kind of looks like she is because Arizona is not really taking the whole 'I only have one leg' thing very well.

Christina and Meredith seem to be OK except for the fact that they now live on the other side of the country from one another and they are both scared of flying.

Derrick attempts his first post-accident surgery and drops a surgical tool before the surgery starts and walks out. So that is totally going to be a thing for the whole season...called it.

Alex was supposed to go to Hopkins, but then the new head of Peds tells him he is getting rid of the orphans he brought over and rethinks the the end he is with Meredith at the bar talking to Christina via facetime on Meredith's iPad which she likes to carry around at all times and talk to Christina in any place she thinks is acceptable. News flash people with iPads: FaceTiming in a bar - not a good idea....Actually FaceTiming in any public place is just annoying, do not take notes from this show.

It looks like Grey's is off to a good start this year. Shonda had me crying right away, which is always a good sign, but I was hoping for a little more Sloan before she wrote him out for good.

Rest in Peace McSteamy, you will be missed!


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  1. At the crash, Arizona's leg was broken with her bone sticking out, so it was probs chopped off due to infection for being out in the wilderness for over a week I think they were there! Next episode will be nuts when they show the rescue process!! Eeek!! LOVE GREYS!!! <3


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