Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NBC pulls Saving Hope with 2 episodes left

NBC pulled Saving Hope from its current spot on Saturday night and putting the last two episodes online. Re-runs of America's Got Talent will run it in its place.

HOW EMBARRASSING! I am not sure that people even watch the original airings of America's Got Talent, let alone the re-runs. I also can't believe that show is still on...shouldn't they have found 10 winners by now?

For those of you who haven't seen it, Saving Hope is the Canadian produced medical drama. When it first aired I was like....Grey's Anatomy: The Canadian Edition, but now that we are into it I am liking it more and more. If this dude finally wakes up from his coma I will be a little more pleased with the whole story (or if he died...this in between shit is getting irritating).

Fear not Canadian fans, CTV is not as ridiculous as NBC and they have already ordered a second season of the show. Ketchup Chips, Smarties and Saving Hope...wicked things Canadians have that Americans don't.



  1. I didn’t think Saving Hope would be good and I too, thought it would just be another knockoff of Grey’s Anatomy. After a few episodes with the wife we started to enjoy the show and it’s one of our favorites on primetime. I’m a bit upset they will possibly play the last 2 episodes on line instead of on TV. I already watch the current episodes of Americas Got Talent too. PrimeTime Anytime's all I watch and having the Hopper DVR I can use my Auto Hop feature to automatically skip commercials. I don’t care for commercials and I don’t like manually skipping them either. Now I can choose to skip commercials and always having to fast forward them is a pain. One of my coworkers at Dish told me about the Auto Hop function, and now it’s my favorite feature. This isn’t automatic and if I want to skip them before the recording starts I have to enable this feature. No more wearing out the fast forward button or batteries on my remote.

  2. Well we cannot predict a story without watching it. But we have a privilege to react and make some opinion for this one.


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