Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Much Music makes dreams come true, Breaker High to air weekdays

I have been begging the TV Gods for years to put Breaker High back on TV, or at LEAST have it available to own on DVD. The only channel that has aired the show has been OUTTV, which we don't get.

It was revealed to me today that Much Music has a bunch of magical fairies working over at their headquarters and have answered my prayers! Breaker High will now be shown Weekdays at 12 PM MST.

*Bawling tears of over exuberant happiness.*

Now I need to figure out how I can skip out on my day job for a couple of hours each afternoon and not get caught. I need my Breaker High, and the young and gangly Ryan Gosling!

Na na, na na na, hey hey....happy Tuesday!


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  1. Need...to...come...back...to...Canada...RIGHT NOW!!


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