Sunday, September 23, 2012

Movie Review: Fat Kid Rules the World (CIFF 2012)

Matthew Lillard's directorial debut is a story about a fat kid who meets a junkie-high-school-drop-out-musician when he steps out in front of a bus and said junkie tackles him to the ground before he is hit.

The fact that the movie starts out with a kid hating himself so much that he wants to jump in front of a bus is sad enough...and then you go on a little bit of a roller coaster ride with fat kid (who has a name, Troy) and his sad excuse for a friend, Marcus. You find out that Troy got fat after his mom died and he clearly used food as a way to cope with his pain. His dad is a former military guy who is now a cop...obviously, because you must have a emotionally removed hard ass father to screw you up even more than you already are.

So it's a little bit depressing...OK, a lot depressing, if you are the kind of person who empathizes with characters in movies - which I do occasionally when I think there is actually a person in that exact same situation in real life. Fat kid with no friends and dead mom...yeah I think that life is completely probable.

One of the lowest points in the movie was when fat kid is downing a dozen donuts on his bed while grounded and loses it and starts smearing them all over his which was already defaced with a sharpie...all while screaming. It was awkward.

As frown worthy as it was, it also had its uplifting moments. No, the fat kid doesn't get skinny - this is not The Biggest Loser. Actually the kid ate about ten tons of food throughout the 6 week timeline of the movie. I wonder how much the actor who played Troy ate with all the takes. Ugh, gross...don't want to think about it. Anyways, it wasn't all emo.

Verdict: 3.2 Stars


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