Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lady Gaga and the Weight Debate

Lady Gaga has gained a few pounds in recent months – 25 to be exact. She is not a whale or anything, but getting her curve on. I am so excited about this, and not for the reason you may think.

As much as Gag's antics in the past have made me roll my eyes and have an inner scream of 'attention whore', she has also done a lot of admirable things. Her main platform since day one was be whatever you want and embrace your weirdness…which can be kind of alienating for non-weirdos. I mean, I'm not straight out of the cookie cutter factory, but I would say I have enough normal in me to not land me in Little Monster territory. Part of me always thought that this was her thing because she A) wanted attention and B) liked to prance around in Halloween costumes every day of the year.

The new weight gain thing is by no means weird…it is a normal problem that every woman on the planet deals with. Too skinny, too fat – never good enough. When celebrities gain weight generally their first response is to either A) Go into hiding, hit the treadmill and stop eating until they are camera ready or B) Go on the defensive, blaming it on the style of their pants. Rarely do people ever embrace the fact that when you eat a lot of pasta your ass gets huge.

I wish more female entertainers had the balls to get up and say, "Yes I gain some weight, and your point?" without feeling inferior for their supposed defect of not being a size 0.

Gaga isn't even immune...in the interview where she talks about the weight gain she mentioned that she is now dieting. Tisk.


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