Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feist wins the Polaris Prize...unimpressed

Last night Feist won the 2012 Polaris Prize...a $30,000 cheque for the best Canadian album of the year.

It is unwritten, but it is supposed to go to an artist that is independent and is making good shit without the backing of a major label...in other words, if you have a budget for marketing, get the f-ck out.

So it is highly disappointing that Feist, who is more mainstream than most Canadian bands, went home with the cheque when a group of people (which I belong to - we refer to ourselves as 'the holier than everyone else tribe') thought that it should have gone to a lesser known, lesser marketed band.

Yes, we all love Feist (I am speaking on behalf of the tribe), but we think there are other bands that could have benefited more from the money...say, one that was living in a basement, attic or cardboard box. Or a band that could have benefited more from the recognition.

The tribe (which, OK I am going to be completely honest when I say, it may be made up of me and my imaginary friends) thinks that Kathleen Edwards or Cold Specks should have won. 'They' also think that Drake being nominated and making it to the short list was a travesty and bands who have won before (aka Fucked Up) should not be allowed to be nominated again.

We also think that Arcade Fire winning last year was dope (because who doesn't love Arcade Fire? Ass holes, that's who), but also annoying because they were already so mainstream it was like Nickelback winning a Juno because radio hosts are lazy and won't play anything else to satisfy their need to obey CANCON regulations.

I am now completely and utterly ashamed that I compared Arcade Fire to Nickelback. I think I need to go to confession...but I'm not Catholic...so maybe I need to drink holy water - or sacrifice a baby goat. Do people still do this? Fack, I have no idea what I am talking about right now...all I can see is Chad Kroeger's vagina face. Serves me right.

Anyways, back to Feist. (Do you SEE the kind of tangent 2 bottles of wine will take you on? Stay away from the booze kids) She won, I'm not impressed and I really think the hipsters will agree. (In case you were wondering, there are no hipsters in the tribe...I can't get hipsters to be friends with me, even imaginary ones)


If you managed to get through that entire post while still understanding anything I was trying to articulate, I applaud you. Bravo, bravo.

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  1. I see where you are coming from, but the whole point of the Polaris is that it is an award that is void of all sales etc. It is awarded on the basis of merit not sales or how mainstream (or not mainstream) a band is, and when it comes down to it, Feist had one hell of an album. Of course we all hope that the award goes to some small band who needs the cash, not the giants like Drake and Feist, but if you just look at the music Feist totally deserved it. Also not letting someone be nominated again after winning doesn't make sense because they could make another damn good album. I thought that Fucked Up's David Comes to Life could have taken home the prize this year because it is another hell of an album. Good on Fucked Up for consistently making good music


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