Sunday, September 30, 2012

Calgarians from near and far bring the laughs at the YYC Comedy Gala

Calgary just wrapped up its first annual (yes, it's coming back) Comedy Festival. The Comedy Gala brought together some of the best acts from Calgary, some of which live here now and others who have moved on from the city.

I am proud to say that once the night was over the two best acts of the night actually live in the city. Lori Gibbs, who I knew would be legit, and Trent McClellan, a black guy from Newfoundland who proclaimed, "I know what you're thinking...there are no black people in Newfoundland. You're right, cause I'm here."

I've decided that I'm more of a fan of stand up than improve or skit comedy. The big names performing were Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly. They were all the old school Canadian comedy not my thing - at all. Improve hokey shit is not my forte what-so-ever. McCulloch and McKinney's grand finale set was so painful I almost got up and left. I feel like it was more of a nostalgic throwback for the older people in the audience (and the kid that was high sitting in front of me. He thought everything was funny...even when there was just an empty chair on the stage.)

I would also like to note that the ugly guy from the Rogers commercials (you know the ones: there is the fugly guy who doesn't get reception and then the hot guy who gets reception everywhere and uses Rogers) is also a comedian from Calgary and did a short set as well. The good news, he is NOT as fugly in person. Bad news, he is not really that funny.

As much as I like to rag (cause that's what I do) I had a ton of laughs. They announced at the Gala that, because of the success of this year's festival, they are going to be turning it into an annual event. Good. We need some funny shit around this city - it's hard being the only one who can get laughs in this joint, know what I'm sayin'?


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