Monday, August 13, 2012

Top 5: 2012 Olympic Commercials

Do you have an Olympic hangover? I do. It was Olympics, Olympics, Olympics 24/7 in our house for the past two weeks...and now, no more sports. I just can't take it anymore.

Instead of reflecting today over the games (which I started to do any it was just one angry verbal splatter about how Canada kept getting screwed) I will instead show you my favorite commercials about the Olympics from 2012.

RONA - Relay
The Olympic screwdriver relay is pretty brilliant. Any commercial that you can actually work in your product while still staying on the Olympic topic is great in itself...but this one was by far my most favey fave.

British Airways - The Baggage Race
The commentary makes this commercial. I love how the USA is winning and then GB comes in and takes it last second. That is some smart advertising right beat the USA? You're good in my books (says everyone in Britain).

Bounty - Olympic Spills
This commercial is for anyone that has children that destroyed their house turning couches into jungle gyms. For real...who didn't do this?

Telstra - Down Under
You don't really need anything else for an Australian ad do you? Down Under, booze and a bunch of Aussies. Done.

Tide - When Colours Mean that Much
As with the RONA commercial...bang f-cking on with their message tie in to their product. I must buy Tide now, or my sports bras will fade.

EDF - Testing
This one was going to be an honorable mention and then I just decided RIGHT NOW as I am typing this that I am going to have 6 commercials on the list. That's right, I don't care about the rules that I have made for myself. It is officially the Top 6, because that fat guy made me laugh.

Goodbye for now IOC, we shall see you in 2 years when you try to screw with Canada again in Russia. Burrrrr.


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