Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There is a 69 year old Canadian Senator that is married to chick who is 23. Gross

You must have heard the story of the Canadian Senator's wife who spent her first year anniversary away from her husband after causing a disturbance on an Air Canada plane. I heard the story and was like, whatever. Then I see this picture attached to an article about the situ and think, GOOD JESUS.

The girl in this photo is the wife and the dude is Manitoba Senator Rob Zimmer, 69. She is 23 and her name is Maygan...yes, when you spell Megan like that you are definitely asking for your daughter to grow up with some issues and marry a guy older than her grandparents (this is fact...her Grandma, 68, was quoted in an article I read).

Did I miss the memo when these two love birds got married? Cause one would think that a 46 year age difference in Canadian politics would be something to talk about...but maybe it isn't in Manitoba. Couldn't say, never been there.

So let me weigh in: sick.

That is all.

UPDATE: OMFG...I lied, I have been to Manitoba.


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