Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Bachelor Canada reveals first five ladies

The Bachelor Canada is in full speed ahead mode as they get ready to premiere their inaugural season on October 3. We all know that Brad Smith, former Edmonton Eskimo and branded 'golden boy' is the Bachelor...but who are the ladies?

This morning the first five contestants were announced. In a diplomatic move they chose an ethnically diverse group that spans from the West Coast all the way to the East. From what little information we have (first names, cities and jobs) I have already come to the conclusion that I would like to see the other 20 contestants, because I am not super fond of any of these ones. How quick am I to judge hey? That's how I roll.

Melissa Marie, 28 - Playboy Model - North Vancouver, BC
(Playboy model...
whatever that really means. Come on now.)

Chantelle H, 25 - Pastor - Sylvan Lake, AB
(Don't mind us...
stereotyping Alberta conservatives)

Rebecca (aka Bubba), 27 - Real Estate Agent - Toronto, ON
(Bubba? Really...
actually can't wait for this one.)

Clarice C, 25 - Office Administrator - Toronto, ON
(Boring...although she does look like a
younger tanner version of Julie Chen.)

Sophie L, 26 - University Recruitment Agent - Moncton, NB
(This girl looks like a classic Bachelor contestant.)

What do you think? Sold on any of the above, or are you wanting to see the other ladies because Ms. Right is not in this pack?



  1. A bit embarrassing. I think Canada has a lot more to offer than whatever this is...

  2. Not good. Bring on the other women.


    Promoting myself like a boss.

  4. Is it just me or do the 25 year olds look really old? Either way, I'm determined to find out which church that girl is a pastor at!

  5. They really seem to be scraping the barrel. I see more attractive women everywhere every single day.


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