Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taylor Swift strikes again. Another song about an ex boyfriend

Taylor Swift released her first single off her new album, Red (due out in October)...We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Do I even need to mention that YES, this song is about a real relationship. The first time she did a song slamming one of her trillion Ex boyfriends I was like, dope. Then after about song number 3 I thought...T Swift sure does get down with a lot of different people. But now we are at like, song 10,000 and I am tempted to call Swifty a ho bag, but she seems like she would be more of a cock tease than anything else. OK, so regardless, the girl is a ho bag.

Now before you jump in and complain that Swift is not the first musician to go ape on an ex in song, let me point out that the cause of my distress is not the writing, but that all the songs are about different famous people - her albums turn into this giant guessing game of 'which teen idol is this one about'....it gets tiring.

What was once shocking is  now considered the norm for Taylor. I am sure it is written somewhere in her boyfriend contract that 'when we break up I WILL write a song about you, this is non-negotiable.' Watch out Connor Kennedy, when she writes a song with a line about your family blood line, you are not allowed to be surprised.
I also would like to point to one line of the song "...find your piece of mind with an indie record that's much cooler than mine..." Does she seriously think dude should be listening to her album? I think she needs a GBF not a boyfriend.


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