Thursday, August 23, 2012

SPOILER: Big Brother's best exit interview EVER

Tonight on Big Brother 14, Mike Boogie got sent packing. A move that didn't necessarily surprise anyone (except maybe Boogie), but what was surprising was that Ian, his little student, was the one that masterminded his exit.

In the best set of taped exit goodbyes we see Frank say bye to his only friend, Britney make fun of his 'fake phone in the diary room' foolishness, Dan let him know that he wasn't the one that got him out of the house and last but certainly not least...Ian, and solemn farewell and stab in the eye to his teacher. "I learn from one of the best and that is why you are sitting with Julie right now." BOOM.


I just love it because five seconds earlier he was unimpressed that Ian had voted against him, but then he is PUMPED that Ian was the mastermind behind getting him out. Hats off to Ian.

I have been torn since Will and his beautiful hair left the house as to who I would be rooting for. My roommate is hard core Team Ian, but I am not sure yet if I am going to jump on that band wagon. Right now...I am Team Dan, for taking shit from Boogie all week for something that Ian did.

God help us all if Frank wins head of house.


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