Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan and Matthew Morrison...No seriously, samesies

Last night Paul Ryan took the stage at the Republican National Convention to say fluffy things about the Republican party and to trash talk, in a way that is acceptable to 90 year olds, Obama.

Blah blah blah...don't want to talk to you about the Republican gong show, there are experts for that shit. I am here to share an observation...

Paul Ryan needs to be played by Matthew Morrison in whatever TV movie they make about him in the future. Not saying that at this point it is warranted, but if we find out that he has a second family in South Africa or he killed a homeless man for fun in his youth then we will have an instant hit on our hands.

They look similar, but it wasn't until Paul was giving his extremely insincere speech that I thought...WOW MATTHEW MORRISON! He has the same insincerity while playing the supposed nice teacher on Glee...but his real life ego just can't be contained and it seeps into his character. Sorry just aren't that good at acting like a legit human.


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