Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out This Weekend

This week we have some old men, a dead legend and a kids movie....whatever will you choose?

Awakening (limited)
A movie about a ghost in a boarding school. This is like...the most inventive story line EVER! *Eye roll. Seriously. Pass.

Expendables 2
The action stars of yesteryear return in a second movie where we get to see Sly Stallone run like he is on his last legs. Seriously though...these movies are hilarious.

Well this movie it is in line with the world's current obsession with zombies and the dead. I have no interest in that or movies mad for children. Pass.

Whitney Houston's last piece of work...a shoddy looking knock off of Dreamgirls. OK, I will amidst, I don't really remember what happened in Dreamgirls, but this seems like something of the same things.

My Pick: Go see Sparkle, not because it will be good, but to remember Whit. Rest in piece girl.


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