Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nose Hill Gentlemen Walt Wawra has a history of writing letters and doesn't like Common

By now you MUST have heard of the Nose Hill Gentleman…Michigan resident Walt Wawra. He wrote a letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald recapping a moment that he wished he had a gun while visiting the city during the Calgary Stampede.
In his letter he details the he and his wife were walking through Nose Hill Park in the middle of the day when two guys approached them and said "Have you been to the Stampede yet." He describes the men as aggressive…after he tried to ignore them they asked again to which he responded," Gentle-men, I have no need to talk with you, goodbye."

He talked in his letter about wishing he had his gun with him to protect himself from these dangerous people. He said he should be able to protect himself if the need arises and wished he had had his off-service hand gun with him during the 'confrontation'.

Calgarians and Canadians alike rolled their eyes and had a very good laugh at Walt's expense. Is this man for real? Well it turns out Walt has a little bit of a history writing letters about different things to newspapers here and in his home country.

Walt also wrote a letter to the Kalamazoo Gazette (yes…this man is from Kalamazoo) last year reaming out President Obama for inviting Common (the rapper) to the White House when he wrote songs celebrating men from African American activist groups like The Black Panthers and the BLA. These people had killed cops, which Warwa is. He said that B-Rok was OK with cop killers because of the invitation.

You know what is even more hilarious about this, besides the fact that Wawra is a grade-A loon and heaven help the people he pulls over in his cruiser…Common is frequently in our great city as his TV show Hell on Wheels is filmed at a remote location outside of Calgary. Would it not have been the best letter ever had it been Common in the park that day? I can only imagine how that encounter would have gone down.

"Dear, Calgary Herald…I was very angry that I wasn't packing my weapons in the park the other day when I walked by that cop-killer supporter Common. He looked in my general direction and I knew that he had every intention of knifing me and my wife in broad daylight…"

Walt, you have been quite entertaining these past couple of days. May I suggest you start a blog so the whole world can make fun of your rants more often? Thanks.


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  1. Walt Wawra is NOT "the nose hill gentleman." Wawra referred to the men in the park as "gentlemen," which is why the hashtag #nosehillgentlemen was created. Note the plural!


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