Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Expendables 2

The Action Heroes of Decades Past 2, or, as the studio has named it, The Expendables 2. Who better to go see the action 'heroes' of my childhood with than my brothers and my dad? No one else in their right mind (under 40) thinks this garbage is an acceptable form of entertainment. Luckily I was brought up on Die Hard, Rocky and the badassery of Van Damme.

So what did a bright young mind like mine think of a bunch of old dudes running around kicking each other's asses and referencing things that only the 'man's man of the 90s' (or girl forced to watch dude movies while she should have been playing with Barbies in the 90s) would get? It was OK.

They obviously made a second one because they caught on to how hilarious and awesome everyone thought Sylvester Stallone's wannabe-running was in the first one and they needed a second go. To their credit, they got all the big names to commit to doing more than just a 5 second spot for round two.

They also managed to get the 90s action king Jean-Claude Van Damme to come in as the villain. It was so awesome. Him and Sly Stallone had a fight scene and he pulls out his legendary roundhouse kick and some guy in the audience yelled "He's still got it!" It was pretty epic...and then there was the roundhouse with the knife that (SPOILER) kills Miley Cyrus' fiancee, that was even more epic.

I got my laughs, as did the old dudes in the audience, but as far as a 'one for the record books'...I'd say we will leave this one out.

Verdict: 2.9 Stars


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