Thursday, August 9, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

Have you been going non-stop for the past couple weeks? Have no air-conditioning in your house and want to go sit somewhere cool and dark that smells like piss? Well you are in luck...go to the theatre, there are a couple good ones coming out this weekend.

2 Days in New York (Limited Toronto/Vancouver)
I don't know if I can take Chris Rock seriously. The concept seems funny...but by the very short trailer I would have to say none of these characters really steal the show.

The Bourne Legacy
When I first heard about this movie I was like, "Hell no." Then I saw the trailer and was like..."hum, this could be legit." After seeing a couple I am thinking, "I'll spend the money, but by God Jeremy Renner you must not disappoint me."

The Campaign
This shit is funny.

Iron Sky (limited)
I wasn't going to post this one...but I want to put a call out for someone to hit the green with me and then watch it. Takers? Anyone!?

Killer Joe (Limited)
Intense. I am not used to Matt McConaughey being dope, but this may be a little much.

Red Lights (limited)
When I see a movie labeled horror with Cillian Murphy, I kind of expect him to be the creepy one. Not the case. This looks like some freaky wizardry. I will pass.

My Pick: SO TOUGH. It really depends on what you feel like, but since I know it is going to be good, I'll go with The Campaign.


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