Friday, August 3, 2012

Gone Camping...May Die...

This photo is NOT of Big Valley Jamboree...the only ones I could find were of a storm and I didn't want to jinx us
This is a vacation notice! Well...that's if you call camping in a tent for 4 days in a field while having to use porta-potties a 'vacation'...I would not, but to each there own.

I am on my way to the Big Valley Jamboree today...the country music festival outside of Camrose. Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Kelly Pickler, Thompson Square...yes please.

But, as I stated before...I am camping.

The last time I went camping I set up my tent incorrectly and it fell on me. Then I had to share a one man tent with my friend while we stored our belongings in my falling over tent...only to have some coked out festival goers steal our stuff and throw it all over the camp site on the last day. It was a traumatizing experience and I swore I would never camp again...

In my defense (before you call me an idiot for making the same mistake twice)...we WERE originally supposed to be camping in an RV this time around. But that fell through and I couldn't convince the girls to shell out $400 each to rent one. I thought I made a very compelling argument, but they all like the outdoors WAY more than I do. So a tent it is.

I will not be totally technology can follow me on Twitter if you enjoy hearing about other people's discomfort. I am sure there will be some sort of cell reception out there right? RIGHT?! If there isn't...I swear to God I will DIE.

If I never post again I was eaten by a bear or suffocated under a fallen tent.


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