Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elton John performs at a wedding outside of Calgary (Steukens - Watkins)

Elton John was in town last weekend, according to the Calgary Herald, where he performed at a wedding in Springbank outside of Calgary.

The first rumours were that the groom paid $3 million for the performance, but peeps are now saying that is probably not true and EJ probably received a smaller payment and then a donation was probably made to his AIDS foundation.

I wasn't going to write about this unless I had info other than what everyone else was the name of the dude that had the cash to shell out for this, unfortunately my search has not been successful.

But yeah, Elton was here. Now he's not. And now you know why the only old dude at the opening ceremonies was Paul McCartney.

UPDATE: The name of the dude that shelled out the cash for Sir John to play at his wedding: Michael Streukens, he former CEO and president of EnerVest Diversified Income Trust. His bride was Andrea Watkins. There were about 100 guests and they all had to sign an confidentiality agreement declaring that they would not speak publicly about the event. F-ckin' ballers.



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  2. Dear Andrea, how charming you didn't even invite your aunt who did nothing but stand behind you your entire life and care for you. However, it looks like it was so over crowded with the 100 guests that there wasn't room for your "family". You are a real bitch.....bitch.


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