Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dan Gheesling makes his most impressive Big Brother move yet

I don't know what happened in Dan's 24 hours of solitary confinement, but I think he made a deal with the devil (no like, for real...Lucifer or some shit) because he came out with the most epic game move I have seen in...well, I can't even remember.

If Dan wins Big Brother 14 I will be thrilled, obviously because since the demise of Wil (with one L) I have been on Team Dan and now it is looking like my bet is paying off.

Dan told everyone he was out of the fight, convinced Danielle that he hated her and then got Frank who, until an hour before, despised him to make a final two deal with him and get Jenn to use her veto to save him. And it all worked out obviously this game could change in a matter or seconds, but that was pretty f-cking Dr. Evil of Dan.

Tonight it is all in the numbers. If all goes according to the Frank/Dan plan, Britney will be heading out the door. This will suck because she has the best diary room rants ever, but I can deal.

So what way are the votes going to go? If last nights deal sticks...Dan and Jenn will go after Brit...Ian will vote to keep her. And then there is Shane and Joe. I never know what the hell is going on in Joe's head - so he could swing either way...but Shane is the big mystery. Keep around your coach or the girl who would do anything you ask her...decisions, decisions.

For those of you on Team Ian...I hear he lost his mind after the veto comp. Tonight is going to have some fireworks. Can't wait!

Team Dan.


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  1. how did i go from being annoyed by frank to loving him in FIVE SECONDS? they are awesome. only way this would be better is if boogie was still in the house, or at least on the jury. and if jenn went. she thinks she is a high roller, but she is a total puppet


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