Thursday, August 2, 2012

City of Houston releases PSA on "How to Survive and Active Shooter Event"

OH MY GOD AMERICA. Seriously, if you need to make a PSA like this - it is time to get some stricter gun control laws.

The City of Houston has released this video "How to Survive and Active Shooter Event " instructing people to Run, Hide, or Fight if a shooter comes to their work.

At one point I think they even point towards leaving people behind that are slowing you down. Good grief.

I also don't know about the whole "fight" section of this. Yeah, OK - some people do get balls in times like this and stand up to the shooter. Sometimes those people die though, so I am not sure this is the best instruction you could give.

This is outrageous.


Side note: The YouTube comments have been disabled for this all know they would have been epic!

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