Monday, August 6, 2012

Bieber: Aboriginals get free gas and Prince William needs Propecia

Oh Bieber.

Justin Bieber did an interview for the August issue of Rolling Stone and now that people have read it they are picking up on the fact that Biebs states that he is part Indian...and gets his gas for free.

“I’m actually part Indian,” he says—”I think Inuit or something? I’m enough percent that in Canada I can get free gas”

With current gas prices, if anyone got gas for free because of  their ethnicity I would have to bust caps, but that isn't true. Card holding Aboriginals don't have to pay the gas tax, which is roughly $0.15 per liter. And only at certain stations.

I think the free gas statement was a little dumb, but again - the kid is still a kid. I used to say tons of non-PC stuff out of ignorance. People are now calling for him to apologize...for what? Thinking he got free gas when he didn't? His grandparents probably told him that and he took it as fact. Give the kid a break.

Biebs is also getting slammed in Britain for commenting on Prince William's receding hair line...mentioning that there are things you can do to make it grow back. Again, the kid is a kid...but he may have just been trying to help Will out with his biggest issue ever. Baldness. Or maybe he was just being a little douche. It's kind of funny...and I choose to pick the latter.



  1. hot ready and legal. just like my chicken.

  2. I genuinely think that he thought he was probably just trying to help a bro out with his hair problem when he said that. But then again it is kind of dumb to say genuinely because surely he must know Prince William is richer than he is and could probably buy some unicorn poop for his hair if that meant it would grow it back!


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