Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve is pissed at current Bachelor Pad contestant

Ohhhhh Reality Steve is not impressed with current Bachelor Pad contestant Eric Rose.

Steve had posted spoilers for this season on his site and then was blindsided when producers of the show slapped him with a notice that he broke the contract with the show that he signed saying that he wouldn't get information from the people involved directly with the show.

He posted on his site that he was confused and then was informed that Erica Rose had turned over text messages to the producers 'out of context' from him and that's the end of the story.

He is pissed at her because he thought she was his friend. Her statement was that she was just trying to protect her ass legally, but he says she is just a betch.

Dude...I"d feel sorry for you, but...she's on the show. You made contact, evenif she did it first. You're a tool. Pay the fine, take it down, move on. And that's what he's doing.


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