Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why is season two winner Michael Stagliano back on The Bachelor Pad?

Was anyone else a little surprised that one of last year's winners of the Bachelor Pad was back? I am talking about Michael Stagliano. He found out live at the end of the show that his former fiancee and partner, Holly, was now engaged to someone else. It was pretty sad/hilarious. Producers gold.

Anyways, I was jacked that Michael was coming back cause I heart him, but WHY? Hummm....maybe because he just released an album and need people to pay attention to him.

His album hit iTunes on the July 17 and it is...well, let's just say - he may have made the cut on the Bachelor Pad, but he wouldn't have on American Idol.

Below is some footage of him singing at a small show at the Drake in Toronto. I am assuming you now know what I am talking about when I describe him as lackluster?


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