Saturday, July 7, 2012

Who are the 4 people coming back for Big Brother 14?!

My summertime guilty pleasure is starting on Thursday night! Big Brother is back with a new cast and new drama.

The twist this season has to do with 4 of the previous players coming back and doing some kind of mentoring thing. It is unclear at this point what their purpose will be, but I think they will still be playing.

While trolling the internet looking for clues as to who the 4 returners would be. The show said that it wasn't going to be anyone from last season (thank f-ck, I couldn't handle Rachel and Brendon again), but then another site is saying that Rachel will be one of the returners. Gross.

Mike Boogie has also been named as a possibility, which I would totally be down with. Janelle has also been named as one of the returners which I am choosing not to believe because 1. I hate her. and 2. She has a 7 month old baby. Dan is the last person to be rumoured. He is from season 10 which I didn't watch so I have no opinion of him.

If I had my pick Britney Haynes from 12. Loved her diary room rants on the other house guests. Pure entertainment.


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