Monday, July 23, 2012

Trash Pad returns to the tube tonight!

Hoorah! Trash Pad, more commonly known as The Bachelor Pad, premieres tonight completing my summer of trashtastic television. Big Brother is already in play and giving me some good drams to get me through the day, but Trash Pad – that's a whole other monster.

All the little fame whores who pretended that they went on TV to find love come back to do what they really were signing up for in the first place: get attention, hook up and be ridiculous…I have always thought there is less manipulation of situations on this show because these effers are one giant gong show, you don't have to get fake tears.

There are some people coming back from seasons past including one of my all time faves, Ed – the winner of Jillian Harris' season. Harris told me that originally Ed wanted her to go on the show with him, but she could smell that drama from miles away. Or maybe she just knows that Bachelor Pad or Trash Pad is really just a Drama Pad with extra absorbency for tears.

Are you going to indulge and watch this gonger? Or is Big Brother enough to fill your trashy TV quota for the summer?


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