Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 5: Events to watch during the Olympics

The Olympics have been on in our house every waking moment since the Opening Ceremonies...we watched those twice and didn't even feel guilty about it. Now it is all about choosing what coverage to watch.

We have a rule...we don't watch stuff that is on TV all the time. Basketball? Pass. Tennis? Pass. Soccer? FIFA is better.  Field Hockey? Outlawed due to bright blue field. What do we watch only when the Olympics are on? The following:

I like watching stuff where I think "Holy CRAP that is scary!" Just jumping from one of those platforms gives me anxiety. Plus...dudes with hot bodies in speedos. Yes.  To add to this...diving is the only sport that Canada has medaled in thus far.

I prefer indoor to is also one of the only summer sports that I know what is going. I also like being able to yell 'bad call' and not need someone else in the room to do it first. Knowledge is power.

Athletics (Running)
I don't like watching marathons because I have the attention span of a 4 year old, but 1500M and below is always thrilling...and sometimes you see one person fall and the domino effect that follows. I don't wish this on people, but am enthralled when it happens.

I like watching the uneven bars for the ladies and the rings for men. For the ladies, I think about that show, Make It or Break It, with the bitchy anorexic gymnast girls and compare their lives to Team USA.For the men, I think of Vince Vaughn in Old School doing the rings while smoking.

Synchronized Swimming
I will like this sport more when guys start doing this, but for now I will suffice with the Venus shaving commercial type shit.



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