Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 5: Acts to see at the Calgary Folk Festival 2012

The Calgary Folk Festival, one of my favourites every year, is starting up on Thursday. I am not exactly sure what happened this year, but the line up is a little lack luster for me. It is possible that the Festival put a dozen too many eggs in Sinead O'Connor's basket...but even if she didn't cancel I would say last year's roll call was looking a little more pristine.

There are some gems though...don't get me wrong. I am still going to go and love it, but I just won't know...pretty much everyone. Here are the five that I am going to put into my schedule and I will let the hippies lead the way with the rest of it.

Iron and Wine
Not only does Sam Beam have an epic beard, but he also has some amazing tunes. I can't even tell you how long I have been a fan. This was the first band announcement of the year that made me fist was a good day. (No, seriously...Kevin announced he was rejoining the Backstreet Boys the same day they made the Iron and Wine reveal. SO. GREAT!)

Cold Specks
I love the rasp. Al Spx originally hails from Ontario, but now lives in the UK (according to Wikipedia)...I see a future here.

Reuben and the Dark 
The token local band. Reuben and the Dark hail from good ol' Calgs. They didn't make the list for that though - it was just an add on. Their music is actually legit.

Sarah Jarosz
This one is a 90s baby folks. This is obviously going to be less and less of a deal as time goes on, but in an attempt to feel a tad bit younger - this one is only a baby. From what I can tell, this one has been music festivaling it up for a while. Her band is pretty entertaining as well.

Justin Townes Earl
JTE is one of the bigger names on the line up this year...and with that he plays the main stage. Ugh, the main stage. I am willing to tough it out for Iron and Wine, but I really wish it didn't exist at all. All the tarpies make it difficult to get a good sight line on anything...and I am NOT willing to line up in the morning and tarp out an area and not sit on it all day so I have a spot at 9 PM. Or maybe I would be if I was a little less lazy...long live the tarpies.

Saturday and Sunday tickets for the festival are SOLD OUT, but there are still passes available for Thursday and Friday. Get yours while you still can.


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