Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympics kick-off to a fiery start


The 2012 Summer Olympics kicked off today in London with the opening ceremonies. They were long, that if I tried to recap the entire thing I would probably be writing until the 2014 Olympics in Russia. That being said, I would like to point out a few moments of the show.

Canada was as bad ass as a group can get walking into a stadium...notice the girls on the guys shoulders? Every other team was taking that shit way too seriously...and then Canada is like, 'Let's get this bitch started.' Walking in and waving like the Queen is lame, I'm talking to you America...oh, and since I am on America - what the FACK was up with Team USA's uniforms? Ralph Lauren screwed all of them into looking like 80 year old Legion members. SO gross.

The Queen
We decided, me and the roommate, that the Queen is probably pretty dope. I mean, she is old and generally I don't like old people...but she gave the OK to have the James Bond 'Queen jumping out of the plane with Daniel Craig' thing approved and acted in the skit. Tight shit your majesty.

David Beckham
The man was not picked to be on the British soccer/football team for the Olympics, yet he gets to ride in a speedboat up the Thames River with the Olympic torch...while wearing a suit. Sexy. I'm not complaining.
Paul McCartney
Sir Paul, as they call him at home, had the entire stadium singing along with him. While he was making everyone sing (first men then women) the roommate was like, "this is not a rock concert Paul." And I was like, "Screw that, it's The Beatles...even the Africans are singing right now." Cut two seconds later to the group from Burundi or somewhere similar singing and cheering like they there for the original British Invasion. Paul's face may be falling off, but he still knows how to work the audience.

Digital Revolution
Anyone else wonder what the hell was going on with the whole 'digital revolution' part of the ceremony? Cause linking the 'digital revolution' to online dating and the story of two randoms actually made me want to stick my head in the freezer to numb the pain. The other stories were OK, but not this one.

Bike Birds
I do not know the correct name for the people with the wings on the bikes that rode while Arctic Monkeys played...but DAMN, that would have been the most amazing thing to watch high - probably ever. That even beats the commercial where the guy riding an ostrich busts through a wall, which is my current lead in this area.

As they went into light the Olympic Cauldron I couldn't help but I hope there is a malfunction. You know, since we screwed it up in 2010, it would make us look less bad if theirs kind of junked out too. But was the most amazing Cauldron I think I will ever see. If the broadcasters weren't on such a lock down with footage I would show you again how beautiful the whole thing was.

For the next two weeks I hope to get in some good couch time watching the games and cheering on the Red and White. Also trying to figure out if my boss would be down with me donning one of those Team Canada zip ups for the next two weeks. I am pretty sure it would be unpatriotic if she were to tell me it was not in the dress code.



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