Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises with a Rifle...12 Dead and 50 injured in Denver Shooting

They thought it was just part of the show...

12 are dead and 50 injured today after a 24 year old man stood at the front of theatre and started shooting at people at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

Reports have the man wearing a SWAT costume and holding a rifle and hand gun. He also let off some sort of gas bomb which has been described as smelling like pepper spray during his assault.

I can't find any information around the people who were killed, but the youngest injured was a 4 month old baby who has since been released from the hospital.

Some of the survivors of the incident have said that at first they thought the man was just a part of the show. We had a discussion about this...would we thinking that a guy with guns in a SWAT costume at a midnight showing of Batman was 'part of the show', the answer: probably. It was a midnight showing, I would probably have thought that it was a special to do because I was one of the first to see the movie. Now if someone was standing front and centre at Step Up Revolution with a gun I would be trying to get my fat ass on the floor.

This is one of the biggest shootings in the States in the past five years...completely senseless and targeting what I can only supposed is a random group of people. They have also cancelled the Paris premiere of the movie in respect for the incident (...which probably gives the French more of a reason to hate the Americans).

Will this affect movie attendance for the movie? Is this even a question that people should be asking yet? Because I have already seen stories asking if it will. Blood sucking douche bags.


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