Monday, July 30, 2012

That's a wrap on the Calgary Folk Festival

I only spent half of my weekend at Prince's Island Park for the Calgary Folk Festival. I didn't go hard this year for the Calgary Folk Festival and I am already regretting it.

Although I only caught about 10 acts the whole weekend, I would still go out on a limb and say that I saw some of the best. It all ended with Sam Beam's beard: Iron and Wine was the last band to take the stage and they did not disappoint. Had it not been for the Chatty-Facking-Cathy standing beside us, it would have been one of the most beautiful moments of the year. (If I see that girl again I swear to God...)

Iron and Wine has been on my radar for forever, but as usual, I was introduced to a bunch of new acts that got my goodness radar going. Joy Kills Sorrow was one of those...their lead singer Emma Beaton had the prettiest voice of the weekend by far. They were my find of the weekend.

Then there were the ones you knew would be great and they pulled it out. Dan Mangan, Serena Ryder, Jeff Magnum, and one of my Top 5 to see, local band Reuben and the Dark. I would have rather seen Dan, Jeff and even Sam Beam on a smaller stage....actually, any of them are totally welcome to come over and play a private show in my apartment. My building is pretty down with music so I don't think they would mind if you jammed. Think about it.

Those were the highs of the Festival...lows? Well, maybe the decline of my interview request with Sam Beam of Iron and Wine. I requested to have a sit down to ask Sam why his beard was so magical and then get a photo with it...but come on, if that were me I would have TOTALLY approved that request. Someone shut me down. I am choosing to believe it was because they weren't scheduled to arrive until the day they performed and not because my question wasn't brilliant.
Until next year tarpies...


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