Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Sweet Valley books, will the pain ever end!?

I pretty much swore off books for the next three years after completing my book challenge, but this could be an exception to my plan.

Francine Pascal, creator of the Sweet Valley franchise, is back at it again. We were told that Sweet Valley Confidential, the book that came out last year and ruined the entire series for me, was going to be the last one.

It ended so poorly I swore if I ever saw Francine in person I would boot stomp her.* Now she has announced that she will be publishing out 6 e-books that take place 3 years after the worst ending EVER. Put us all out of our GD misery Francine.

You know I am going to read these, because I am an idiot and can't help myself. Maybe Jessica will get hit by a bus. Sorry name-buddy, but I think it is about time.

This mini-series, The Sweet Life, will be released on July 15 and will have one book every Sunday until August 12.


*For legal reasons, I mean this figuratively.

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