Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mike Tompkins asks you to do nice things for people (You, not me)

Have you seen Tomkins Tuesday? Mike Tompkins, beat box extraordinaire, has taken to making non-musical videos on YouTube and challenging his fans to do nice things for other people.

Last week he told people to buy flowers for someone.

This reminds me of my boss coming into my office the other day telling me that she was instructed to buy me flowers for a recent accomplishment I made, but decided against it because, and I quote, "It is a waste to give people flowers because they die...and they are already dead when you buy them, so it is just a pile of dead things on your desk that you eventually have to throw away." I shall never receive flowers again without thinking about death, thank you boss lady.

Anyways, I also note from this movie that Mike Tompkins is married. Is this something that the general public already knew? Or was I supposed to be watching these videos to find this out. Lame.

Lastly...Mike Tompkins talks about possibly performing live. This I want to see. I must.

Anyways, if you like this kind of thing (doing nice stuff for others, which I do not - obviously) then you can see Mike's Tuesdays videos on his YouTube page here.



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