Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Listen! Stampede Playlist 2012

I am so excited about the Calgary Stampede!

...no seriously, I feel like a child who still believes that Santa Claus exists the night before Christmas in the ghetto. I through 'in the ghetto' in there because those kids have to have a certain type of ridiculous brain to see their neighbour get shot one day and then think that the next Santa is gonna bring them a bike. Those kids be crazy.

Anyways, I am SUPER EXCITED for Stampede.

Besides the liquid candy...which is pretty much free flowing in my circle for the 10 day festivities, so is music. Country music that is. I like the occasional country song, but it usually has to be tossed in with some gangster rap and 90s pop music to really balance out my chi. But this is Stampede 100. I will listen to country music all day everyday in honor of the occasion (with the occasional insert of Cherie Lily's Do Your Thing Girl, which is too sick not to play).

The usual XO Playlist (which I know you all read, adore and live your musical life by) will be temporarily disabled making way for the XO STAMPEDE Playlist, which is home to good ol' fashion country jams (and when I say ol' fashion, I mean modern country cause I am not into a lot of twang).

Listen. Love. Stampede your butts off.


I am also completely open to your suggestions of songs I should put on my Stampede Playlist.

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