Monday, July 2, 2012

Jay Z Interrupts Kanye at the BET Awards

I wasn't going to write anything about the BET Awards because they gave Entertainer of the Year to Chris Brown - who incidentally is not the entertainer of the year in anyone's mind unless there is a part on that ballot that says beating chicks and getting in bar brawls which almost blinding Tony Parker is entertaining, then I guess he wins, no contest.

Buuuut I would like to show the video above. I forgot how funny Jamie Foxx was. He makes a joke that there is going to be a throw down in the Carter house because one of them won and one of them lost (Jay vs B). Then Kanye and Jay win and Jay interrupts Kanye. So great.

I still think Kanye West is a lost cause. He is currently getting it up in a Kardashian and he still says douchey shit here in kind of a humble tone. Nope, lost cause. He does take Jay's digg well, but he has to Jay Z is like the current Godfather of all that is rap/hip-hop. Bow down.


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