Monday, July 23, 2012

From Jersey Shore to The Bachelor Pad - Brittany and Erica Fame Whoring all over the world

Tonight The Bachelor Pad came back...and this season not only are there former Bachelor/Bachelorette castoffs, but also 'fans'...people who have been watching the shows and want to hang out with the stars.

When the blond twins Brittany and Erica rolled up to the house I felt like I had seen the duo before. Who are these girls? It took me all of one minute to figure out that they were the trashy American twins from the season of Jersey Shore when they went to Italy. I believe the whorish one made out with Snooki....and... of the girls in the Bachelor Pad house slept with The Situation. HIDE YOUR DONGS MEN!

Oh, and the other one is a virgin. You have the trashiest girl on the planet and one of the biggest prudes...and they are sisters. Gotta say, these losers are totally made for TV. (Although I don't believe that the one who calls herself a virgin actually is).

They won safety this week...but they are on everyone's shit list for being annoying, so don't expect them to hang around too long.

If you are feeling extra daring, please do place bets on the 'virgin' twin hooking up with the 30 year old virgin dude. I have $10 on that if they get through the next week.


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