Thursday, July 5, 2012

Country duo Carli and Julie Kennedy instrument throw down

Carli and Julie Kennedy are a country/folk twin duo from Victoria, BC. I feel like the eve before Stampede would be a legit time to post one of their videos - spreading the country love to the West Coast.

What I have heard from these two before had actual singing in it, but this one was just posted today so I thought I would give you the newest of the set. One of their songs was actually on my Playlist for a while and I will definitely be posting that video if they ever get their shit together and make one for it.

The one thing I don't like about this video...the people standing around clapping and bobbing their heads. F-cking distracting. I hate all of them. I would have preferred the two be dressed as homeless chicks hanging out in an alley alone and then all of a sudden busted out some crazy talent. That would have been funny...and we all know I support anything of the comedic variety.


Carli and Julie are currently touring BC. Click here for more info.

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