Sunday, July 15, 2012

Concert Review: Brad Paisley in Calgary (Letter to...)

Dear Brad Paisley,

Word up home boy. Last night you rocked that cowboy hat all over the Saddledome stage at the Calgary Stampede. The ladies that were sitting behind me where in their late 50s and you were melting their faces off, I swear to God.

They DIED when you unplugged that acoustic guitar, signed it and gave it to that little kid on his dad's shoulders in the audience. They were talking about how spontaneous it was and how convenient it was that you had another guitar ON when it happened. Yes Brad, not all of your fans have brains.

They were not impressed when you paused in the middle of I'm Still a Guy and told woman to stop trying to feminizing the modern man/castrating them. They were going off about how sexist you were.

I think one of their husbands was sitting with them and he was cheering for you when you asked the chicks to leave their guys alone when they are watching the Flames games. This was followed by slapping sounds...which I am assuming was his wife putting him in his place. Don't worry though, they got over it pretty quickly and started talking about how hansom you were about 10 seconds later.

The biggest laugh I got out of these broads was when you sang Remind Me and the Carrie Underwood hologram came on stage. They literally pissed themselves. I will give them this, they probably didn't hear about the Tupac hologram or how this is a new performance thing. Come to think of it...I think 65% of the people in the audience thought she was actually on stage (thus says the 4000 iPhones video taping the song). It was pretty realistic, except for her legs...they were glowing, like an alien tan.

For myself, the show was great. You don't look like you've aged a day in the past 10 years. Hot. Anyways, I almost friends-offed you when I thought you were going to neglect to play my all time fave song Alcohol. Thank God you saved it to the very end, and you wore a Flames jersey to boot. It was the highlight of my Stampede.

So thanks for the good show. I will also thank you on behalf of the women behind me...I am pretty sure they were the ones that turned into Woooooooo Girls after the show running around the club section yelling "WOOOOOOOO WHO LOVES BRAD?" Well, at least you know you'll always have die hards in Cow Town! Until next time Mr. Paisley, stay sexy.


Image Credit: Christina Ryan, Calgary Herald

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