Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coachella and Indio, CA in a tiff...may move festival after 2013

Coachella may be moving to a new home in 2014. The music festival, which is currently held in Indio, CA outside of Palm Springs will be moving to a new location because the organizers are pissed at the city for attempting to add an $18 ticket tax for the 2014 festival. Originally the tax was going to be $36, but that was voted against by the City Council.

The organizers think the town is being ungrateful and have decided to bounce and go somewhere else...and they are also talking about pulling the country music festival they run there as well, Stagecoach Festival.

I guess this isn't a big shock for those who know any of the behind the scenes goings on for the festival. According to The Wrap, there has been tension between the town and the festival for some time and the organizers feel like they are not wanted. They signed a two year permit with the city in 2011 and it sounds like after that they knew they were going to have to look for other options.

Well, all I care about is that the festival is still going on after next year, because that shit is on my bucket list and I can't not be an audience member on Oprah AND not go to Coachella. That is just horrific luck.


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