Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christian Bale visits Aurora Shooting Victims in the Hospital

Did you see any of the multiple Facebook campaigns which were requesting Christian Bale go visit the Aurora shooting victims in the hospital dressed as Batman? I did see a few and I had two thoughts.

First, that is one fugly ass costume and I am sure Christian never wanted to put it on again, ever. Second, did anyone ask the victims if this is what they wanted? "Um, yes...that sounds like a great idea. Forget the fact that the last time I saw the Batman it was through a cloud of smoke right before I got shot in the leg." Yeaaaah...brilliant. Idiots.

Luckily for the patients, Christian did fulfill one part of the request and showed up at the hospital today to visit the victims for a couple of hours sans costume. Reports have him coming in via ambulance as to not attract attention. Cute.

This brings me back to my second point...what IF the last thing these people saw before the shooting was Bruce Wayne and not Batman...would his face still not bring back horrible memories? I wonder if Christian thought about this...did they tell him, 'Proceed with caution"? Because I would.

There is all sorts of psychological shit going on there that I wouldn't even want to touch. But still nice of Bale to appease the masses, I'm sure his publicist thanks him for his cooperation.


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