Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Challenge Week #17: You're Not Doing it Right by Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black has been on my radar for what seems like forever. For a brief stint in my life I lived in the States and I saw him all the time in shows on VH1 where they make fun of people or talk about weird shit that people used to do in different decades (I Love the 70s, I Love the 80s, etc etc).

He is a comedian, writer and actor. He is also one of those people who I like to like because no one else really knows who he is, but if he were ever to become super famous I would probably pull a hipster move and disown him stating that I liked him back when he was 'real' or something to that effect. No one is perfect, not even me. (Michael, my apologies in advance).

As I mentioned, Michael is a writer and recently published a book based on his family life called You're Not Doing it Right. I was weary of reading it because, well...I don't give a shit about anyone's family, even someone who is funny.

You telling me about your kids and home in the suburbs is about as exciting for me as it is when my mom calls me to tell me there is a deer in her backyard.  I either hang up on her or tell her not to bore me with such dull details of her obviously meaningless life. (OK...I don't actually hang up on my mom when she does this, I tell her she is stupid, but I am not that rude. I only hang up on her when she puts me on speakerphone while she is cooking dinner or spewing off nonsense that she can't have the phone in her ear or she will get a tumour and die. Pfft.)

Unlike normal stories of relationships, family, children etc...Michael and I are on the same page with a lot of issues. Does he like kids? No. Does he like his kids...candidly, he loves them obviously, but is not abashed to say that they drive him nuts and he likes to travel for work to get away from them. There is even a chapter titled I Hate My Baby. He also is against getting pets because they are a lot of work.

Same page, same page (except I don't love his kids...and I am sure I would hate them if I met them, as I do all other children).

Unlike me, he caves when his family wants pets. I would not. I also will not allow my roommate to get a cat. (I do believe this is a building rule, but I like to think that it is my authority that is keeping her from her dream).

Throughout the book we learn about how he met his wife (she cheated on her current BF with him, playa), how they got married, how marriage sucks and they fight a lot and go to therapy and he has on occasion called his wife a c-nt (yeah...that is douchey), and the birth of his children and how he hated them for both having colic. All of this sounds lame right? But some how he made it funny.

In the opening he references Kevin Federline and how he is a failure who Michael calls FKF (Fat Kevin Federline). I will now use the FKF when alluding to the original Casper Smart. He also has five or six pages on how he hates Creed and that all bands from Florida suck. This irritated me, The Backstreet Boys are from Florida. Not cool MIB.

All in all I would have to say, if you like the whole family thing, it's a funny read.



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