Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Brother 14: Who is Wil with one L?

Big Brother 14 started tonight. Straight out of the gate I was hearting Wil with one L. So funny. I think he is going to be a conniving little bitch. The girls haven't done anything yet to really show any personality, except for the spray tan technician...she seems pretty funny.

Anyways. This post is about Wil, not those other schmucks. I always love finding out about the other weird stuff the contestants do in their spare time. If it is on YouTube, all the better.

Turns out Wil has a YouTube channel called the Wil Show. Some of it is dumb, but other times it's pretty funny. This one he is pretending to be Barbara Walters. Pay close attention to when he is being Kris Jenner...he looks exactly like Evan Rachel Wood. Creepy.

I am a little torn at this point because I heart Wil, but I want Britney or Mike Boogie to win the coaching money. F-cking Mike Boogie...I forgot that I loved him.

This may be a good season. I am not going to jump the gun quite yet, but I have a good feeling.


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