Monday, June 4, 2012

Top 5: 'Shocking' Moments of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Last night the MTV Movie Awards brought together a bunch of celebrities who were presenting an award, receiving an award or had a summer movie to promote. Maybe it's my old age, but the purpose of the awards as one giant ad has never been as apparent to me as it was this year. Yeah…I think I was just young and naïve until yesterday.
The whole thing was pretty blasé. Russell Brand hosted and had a decent monologue, but nothing over the top spectacular and he got the most laughs when he randomly shouted out "Twilight! Hunger Games!"

Here were my five, I guess you could call them, 'shocking' moments of the show. (there were few…this list could have been 3)

No Opening Montage
There is usually a series of skits pre-filmed before the show which the host is in doing funny reenactments of the years biggest movies. I realize that the one last year with Jason Sudekis was lame, but to cut it altogether? WTF. They replaced this with fun. singing their song We Are Young, which has been dead to me for months. So it was one foul after another. This was just shocking because…well it usually is the best part of the show. So budget.

Mark Wahlberg cusses out heckler
It may not have been the start of the show that I had wanted, but this will do. The first presenters of the night were my husband, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis. Someone in the audience said something (not sure what) that flustered Kunis and then Mark stepped in and cussed him out…I am assuming. Pretty much the whole thing was bleeped. I would have pissed myself if I was that person…you do not f-ck with Mark. He's been to jail. He will knife you. Then he said "And here I thought I was gonna have to slap Russell. Wow." My husband is so angry…it's hot.

Kristen Stewart attempts humour
This was probably the shock of the night. Kristen Stewart, who is notorious for fumbling over her feet and words while accepting awards (given to her by fans who wouldn't know real acting if it dick slapped their eye balls), made an attempt at humour while accepting the award for Best Kiss. Her other half, Robert Pattinson, was no there to accept it with her and she called on anyone she had worked with in the audience to come make out with her, with no help (and not even camera shots of their faces, production fail) and then she proceeded to pretend make out with herself. It may have been funny…if she wasn't an awkward mess. Well, at least she tried.

Harry Potter wins best cast, only one person is there
The Harry Potter series was notoriously snubbed by awards shows all throughout its on-screen existence. Prior to last night it had only won 2 MTV Movie Awards (both going to Tom Felton as Best Villain)...for 10 movies. So was anyone really surprised when the movie won Best Cast and the only person there from the whole movie was Emma Watson? And, to make it more comical, she was only there to promote her new movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The reason that I was 'shocked' by this was because I didn't think MTV would give awards to people would could really give two shits about their show.

PEI Native, Martha MacIsaac presents Trail Blazer Award
You may have remembered her as the girl who threw up during sex in Superbad. Martha MacIsaac is a Prince Edward Islander and also friends with Trail Blazer award recipient Emma Stone, who co-stared with her in Superbad. The reason this is shocking…because they usually get big deals to hand out these kinds of things. I am glad it was Martha though, she's pretty legit. Side Note: Loved Emma Stone's acceptance speech, proving once again why she is the raddest chick in Hollywood. Suck on that sluts.


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