Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 5: Reality TV Shows that should be filmed in Canada

The start of Trashtastic TV is just around the corner. Big Brother starts next week and it got me thinking about how awesome Big Brother Canada could be and then I thought…what other international reality shows are we missing out on? Here on the ones I think we should bring up to the True North Strong and Free.

Amazing Race
While I would never want to participate in such a show, I think it would be entertaining to see some Canadians running around the globe doing weird things and racing to the finish. The only thing about this is, I think the show would probably be pretty budget and they would have to keep it within Canada – even though flying across this giant country costs an arm and a leg.
19 and Counting
Is there a Canadian family out there with 20 people or more? Cause we should highlight them and bring in some family income so the kids don't have to wear hand-me-downs anymore. OR, if they were going to be really cutting edge they could do a reality show with an immigrant family….you know one of the ones where five generations of people live in the same house. It could be based around the newest generation or the Canadian born of the family (for language barrier purposes, but you would still need mega subtitles). That would be awesome…or is that racist? No, I think it's just awesome.

I don't think you can currently apply to Survivor if you live in Canada. Is this true? At one point it was, but it could be different now. I would just love to see a bunch of Canadians doing the whole backstabbing ruthless thing. It would not be as entertaining as the American one, but at the end of the day we could just say "Well, it's cause we're too nice." Reinforcing our stereotype around the world.

The Real World/Jersey Shore
I know we had that Whistler filmed show Peak Season, which was kind of legit…but I think we need another. Cause you can never have too many 20-somethings drinking their lives away acting stupid on TV to make you feel good about yourself. I know there had been attempts to start one in Canada, but they have failed.
Laguna Beach
This show spawned so many others…imagine a reality TV dynasty like that in Canada!? (OK, so I use the term 'dynasty' very liberally here…but whatever). They could even make it different and film it somewhere not glamorous like Vancouver or Toronto, but somewhere ghetto like Regina or Winnipeg (no offense what-so-ever to Regina or Winnipeg. I am sure you are not as ghetto as I imagine you in my head).


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  1. Did you pick Regina as you new I would read this? Hahaha I have to agree though, its quite ghetto!!


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