Monday, June 11, 2012

Top 5: Plays turned into Movies

The Tony Awards were last night. The Awards recognize the best in Broadway. So in honor of the live stage I give you my top 5 movies that were based on plays first. Yes, there are tons.

A Few Good Men
You can't handle the truth.

Mamma Mia
This made the list because of Pierce Brosnan's singing. The most epic thing I have ever seen on the screen. Now if only they could make him take it to Broadway.

The Philadelphia Story
Play turned movie in the 40s. One of my faves. Grant, Hepburn, and Stewart. Glorious.

5, 250, 600 reasons why I love this movie. Can't list them all. Sorry.

Steel Magnolias
Sad movie. Super sad play, both great!


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