Monday, June 25, 2012

Swallow Me Up, new music from Hilary Grist

Vancouver native Hilary Grist is at it again. She just put out a new music video and it is charming and very Grist-like. She has made her piano into a sailboat.

This makes me want to make my couch into a water transportation device...maybe a raft to float down the river. In my mind this is a good idea...realistically, my roommate would cut off my arms and feed them to dogs if I tried. She gets irritated when I dump red wine on it or accidentally hit it up with a Sharpie. Like, it's not like I put a hot pot on it which melted a hole right through the middle of it...I got that shit out of my system in University.

Oh my, how did this post become all about me. My apologies Hilary. Your song was beautiful. Love.


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