Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sled Island 2012, that's a wrap

Another year, another week of hipster overload complete. My Sled Island 2012 wrapped up with sweaty hipsters, soaked shoes, and a shut-down Andrew WK concert. So all in all, a weekend of grand proportions.

This year Sled Island was more about finding new music rather than going to see bands that I knew. I looked at the schedule for this year and have never felt less cool. Who the hell are all these bands? My main attraction was the Comedy, which is usually brilliant, but this year it was so popular and with some poor planning on my part, I was shut out of the small venue that it is held. I did hear through the grape vine that it was dope though.

So after failing to catch the Comedy I wandered around with my cooler-than-I hipster friends seeing the bands that they wanted to hear and hoping that I wasn't walking into a weird 'noise show' or a Satanic death metal pit. Luckily it was much more tame than that. We did see one band that I thought may have been summoning the devil, but we only stayed for 2 songs, so I am sure I could still get into heaven if I died saving a baby (fingers crossed).

The highlight of my night was either MONOKINO from Amsterdam or Cherie Lily from New York.

MONOKINO was an electro-pop band...which I am normally not that fond of, but their sound was bumpin.

Cherie Lily plays what she calls HOUSEROBICS...which I believe is just an excuse to wear rad skanky 80s workout outfits while dancing around on stage. But she werked it. I am definitely going to put her stuff on my 'pump up' playlist. There is no clear winner in this scenario.

And how could you end the festival without the last show you are at shutting down due to an out of control crowd? Andrew WK took the stage at the Legion after 1 AM and the crowd was on the stage in seconds and minutes after that people were full on crowd surfing...on the stage. It was hilarious. Well...I thought it was, but I guess the organizers and security thought that getting sued by a paralyzed hipster would probably bankrupt the festival and they shut that shit down.

Oh well, fun while it lasted right? And to clarify...I was at the back, watching the madness unfold, not testing death by crowd surfing that far off the ground. I have a brain.

Besides the fact that it was raining pretty much the entire time that I was at the festival (this tweet pretty much says it all #vintageaintwaterproof) I thought it went rather well. Until next year. Thanks for the Sledding hipsters. It was swell.


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